Remember your power.

You are called to an ancient and revolutionary way of living.

  • You long to release the pain and trauma that is holding you back.

  • You are seeking new ways to relate to the human experience.

  • You are called to find clarity in the way you serve our world.

  • You long for experiences of deep sisterhood and ceremony.

  • You want to let go of old ways of being.

  • You are ready to transform.

we invite you to transform.

       A Womxn's Shamanic Medicine Retreat to the Sacred Valley of Peru,  June 1 - 8,  2019

At the end of this retreat you will feel lighter, freer, clearer, whole-- transformed.


7 nights in Eco-Luxury Accommodations in the Sacred Valley of Peru including:

  • transportation to and from the retreat center to Pisac or Cusco
  • 3 delicious, healthy meals per day in accordance with our Ayahuasca diet
  • optional massage, sweat lodge and floral baths on the property

3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Shipibo Tradition as well as:

  • medicinal plant walk + floral medicine making workshop led by Quechua brothers Valerio + Julian
  • opening Despacho (land-honoring) ceremony led by an Andean shaman
  • mandala seed ceremony led by Gigi
  • cacao + sound ceremony and closing rose blessing led by Jane + Gigi

Pre- + Post-Integration Support including:

  • 1  90-minute group intention setting call (and diet preparation) before the retreat
  • 1  30-minute pre-ceremony coaching session during the retreat
  • 1 90-minute group integration call after the retreat
  • Shopping/ hiking/ spa recommendations + connections pre-retreat

Words of Love

Brandilyn Tebo

  • I have been sitting plant medicine ceremonies for a few years now. I have sat with many different shamans in different countries around the world. I also lead transformational work full time. All of this is to say that I know an exquisite transformational experience when I see it, and this was exactly that. I have never seen medicine work conducted with such integrity, love, ease and grace. I have never experienced such a air-tight, properly held medicine container. I brought several women with me on this retreat who had never sat ceremony before, and I could not have asked for a better introduction for them. Every single woman walked away transformed, with a deep sense of being held and belonging. The venue and the curriculum that Jane put together were absolutely beautiful and perfect. And the shamans, Carolina and Pedro, are unlike anyone I have ever met. I never want to sit ceremony with anyone else besides them again because they are just that good. This retreat was pure magic. I highly highly highly recommend for anyone interested in this kind of deep sacred work.

Jamie Vos


  • My intention for coming to the retreat was to engage in a deep cleansing process that would help heal unprocessed trauma trapped within me. While I have explored several healing modalities, nothing has compared to the level of trauma released and insight gained from sitting with Ayahuasca. The spirit of this plant medicine is intuitive and revealed deep traumas that I was never able to bring to the surface in the past. Facing my shadows was rewarded by the lightness I now feel in my body after releasing old wounds. I have an infinite amount of love and gratitude for Jane and all of the amazing warrior women I met at the retreat. Jane is a gifted healer and provided unlimited support by being fully present and available around the clock. The passion she has for assisting those seeking healing on their journey speaks volumes, and I hope that all of the souls in need of healing find a way to hear it so they can experience it for themselves. 

Alyson Miller


  • This retreat was so much more than I anticipated. It’s hard to know where to begin. It was absolutely life-changing, in a deeply profound way; and beyond the personal development that occurred, I loved learning about the native cultures and healing modalities. Jane and her friends did a really good job of giving us an introduction to the sacred ways people have been relating to plants, to mountains, to everything for thousands of years. Plus, being surrounded by that many awesome women/people was just plain fun!!!! So grateful to have been a part of it.

Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley

We are honored to host Transform at the gorgeous Yoga Mandala in the Sacred Valley. Yoga Mandala is located in Arin, a 1.5 hour drive from Cusco, and is home to three beautiful doggies and a bounty of flowers and plants.



We recommend that you arrive at least 2 days before the retreat  begins so you can acclimatize to the altitude. Cusco is at 11K ft and  the Sacred Valley is around 9K ft. You’ll want ample time to rest and  allow your body to adjust to life at 2 miles high. Once you register for the retreat, we’ll provide a list of places to stay in  Cusco and Pisac that are near our pickup locations for Saturday, June 1. 

Transportation to the Retreat

The retreat begins on Saturday, June 1,  in the afternoon. We will have 2 pick-ups - one in Cusco and one in  Pisac - to transport you to Yoga Mandala, the retreat center.

  • Plaza San Blas Church in Cusco on Saturday 6/1 at 11am
  • In front of Chaska Pisac on Saturday 6/1 at 12pm

Transportation from the Retreat

The retreat ends on Saturday, June 8, in the morning. We will have a shuttle that leaves at 10am, and drops off in both Cusco and Pisac, which are excellent jumping off points for other  journeys in Peru.

Travel Support

After you register we will send you a detailed logistics document with  maps, basic Spanish phrases to help you get around, and details on where  to stay in Cusco and Pisac. We’ll also be in contact with you directly  about your travel plans. We’re here to support you!



A portion of all retreat profits go to Alianza Arkana to support reforestation of the Peruvian Amazon and preservation of Shipibo culture.



Registration for this retreat is closed. 

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Jane  Mayer is a medicine woman, guide and healer, who has studied  with  indigenous healers in the mountains of Peru, the Amazon, and the highlands of Ireland, alongside powerful teachers in the Western world.

For  many years, Spirit called to her from a well of deep emotional and physical pain, and her own pathway to wholeness and sovereignty informs  all of the medicine she offers. She has spent the past several years living between the United States and Peru, drinking Ayahuasca, and dieting Noya Rao, Bobinsana and other sacred plants.  Her deepest mission in this lifetime is to use these ancient practices  to heal the modern world. She is listening to still, small voices  everywhere.

To learn more about her work, visit her on social media @janeislistening.


Carolina Dowell will be the lead facilitator for our Ayahuasca Ceremonies. We partner with  her organization, Tree of Light Retreats, which holds a safe space for  women to experience Ayahuasca in the Shipibo tradition. She lives in the  Sacred Valley of Peru with her partner and beautiful daughter.

Carolina  first began working with Ayahuasca in 2010. After her first ceremony  she knew that she had found her teacher, and in 2011 she made her first  journey to Peru to work with Shipibo healers. Her experiences were so  profound that she decided to make a big life change and move to the  jungle. She spent the next few years working closely with the medicine and other plant dietas. She received a very deep calling from the plants  to help share their wisdom and support others choosing to step onto  this path. Alongside her teacher Juana Silvano-Teco from the Mahua lineage and her partner Pedro, she has served medicine to hundreds of people since 2011.


Pedro first began working with Ayahuasca in the Shipibo tradition in  2012 and having found his greatest teachers there, remained in the  Amazon jungle for the following 2 years where he trained and worked in a  large Ayahuasca center.

It was there that he met his partner  Carolina and experienced first hand the major transformational work that  is possible with Ayahuasca through his deep connection with plant  medicines. In this time he also witnessed and supported many  others on their healing journeys and furthered his connection and  understanding of the Shipibo culture through “plant dieta” and the  creation of music projects with the healers.

Pedro is currently  based in the Sacred Valley, Peru with his family and continues to study  these ancient healing practices through regular dietas with Noya Rao and  other Master Plants. He feels truly honored to co-facilitate with his  beautiful partner and to share this incredible healing tradition, safely  and lovingly with the world.


Gisela  is a loving and heart-centered Peruvian woman who started her journey  with the medicine 9 years ago in the Peruvian Jungle. She started and  continues to learn within the Mahua family lineage. She  has done many traditional plant dietas and continues to deepen her  relationship with Ayahuasca through ceremonies and retreats. 

In 2015 she  started to work as a facilitator on ayahuasca workshops. The medicine  had a big impact on her, so she decided to listen and follow her heart’s  calling for the medicine more and more and quit her full-time job in a  business company in Lima and moved to the Sacred Valley, where she  co-founded a holistic Montessori Kindergarten for small kids, where she  taught art and music to the children.

She is enjoying life and happily exploring the medicine path, and runs an integration center, Soul House Integration, with her husband, Richy.

Julian + Valerio

Julian and Valerio Sasari are brothers from a large Quechua family outside of Cusco. They are medicine men: their knowledge of and intimate relationship with the mountains of the Sacred Valley is truly unparalleled. When they aren't working with plants and mountains and medicine, they run a travel company (highly recommended) called Runa Nan Travel.