The Echo of My Voice

Spirit Guides Magazine


  • "As I sit here on the balcony of my hotel room in the Andes Mountains, America seems very far away. And I don't just mean physically, I mean within me." This article, recently published by Spirit Guides Magazine details my mission to bridge indigenous wisdom practices with the western world, one of my soul's missions.

Harness Magazine


  • "As a society, we have shut down our ability to hear our inner voices." How did that happen and how do we get back? This essay, written exclusively for Harness Magazine, explores why western society has lost its ability to listen within and ways  we can return to this practice.

Thrive Global


  • I am honored to have had the opportunity to share my story and work with Thrive Global, an international wellness community, in an ongoing series about the stories of wounded healers. Through this interview, I share my perspectives on healing, the medical system and true human sovereignty.

Voyage LA


  • Through this interview with Voyage LA Magazine, I share a bit about my journey away from my life as a teacher and into the world of shamanic healing. In this space, I share what it feels like to live and offer this ancient and little-understood work to the public in the 21st century.

LA School Report


  • If we want schools to thrive and evolve to support the holistic well-being of our youth, our highest priority must be in re-empowering teachers. In 2016, I wrote a five-article series for the LA School Report which details the current turnover crisis in America and a formula for revitalization.

UpRoxx Reports