Dear one, I am in the middle of recording an album that has been the birthing of years of my voice as a portal 

for the angelic and spiritual realms. Based on a ceremonial vision, this album is being recording live 

in the nave of a meaningful childhood church in the spring of 2019.

If your heart knows there is medicine for you in it, I am honored to save you a copy 

for a donation for  $10+ through Any amount graciously accepted.

pre-purchase the album (by donation)

Sound Medicine

Vibrational Healing through Sound

Modern scientific research is beginning to prove what shamans, healers and human hearts have known from the beginning of time: sound heals the human body and opens us to higher states of awareness and consciousness.

Biologically, the water in each of our cells can be restructured through coherent sound frequencies, and the sine waves of certain sounds like drumming have the capacity to open neurons and memories inside the human brain. The sounds of our own voices can vibrate and soften the vagus nerve, de-armoring our traumas and the blocks inside our nervous systems. Music is medicine.