Sound medicine for the soul


Listen With Me + The Plant Spirit of Cacao

If you've wanted to join me for cacao ceremony, but don't live in a place where I've travelled, or if you've joined in person, but would love to sit with her medicine regularly, I have created this offering just for you. Through this link, you will have access to a live-recording of a cacao ceremony, shepherded by me, including wisdom about cacao, opening of sacred space, intention setting, medicine songs and suggestions for deepening your experience of this plant spirit. By purchasing this video, you will have lifetime access to this recording, to use as often as you'd like in your personal practice. Once you purchase the recording, you will find details about purchasing and preparing ceremonial cacao for the journey.

Cacao is powerful medicine for our souls-- opening the grief, the pain, the joy and the love embedded in the cells of our human hearts. She has offered her medicine for ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years. She is here to wake you up-- out of your mind and into your body. She is here to support you in living from a different axis: the axis of the heart. She is calling, are you ready to listen?


Virtual Cacao Ceremony


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Through an investment of $14, you will have lifetime access to a video-recording of an hour-long cacao ceremony with me, guiding you through connecting with cacao, receiving medicine songs for healing, and opening to multi-dimensional healing with this powerful plant spirit.

This sound medicine and meditation is a beautiful way to begin to connect to the power of Mama Cacao and daily way to listen to the wisdom of your beautiful human heart.

Sound medicine gifts

Shamanic Drum Journey for Trance and Meditation

Spiritual Hymns for Cacao Medicine Ceremony

Medicine Song for Retrieving the Human Heart