Sound Medicine

Vibrational Healing through Sound

Modern scientific research is beginning to prove what shamans, healers and human hearts have known from the beginning of time: sound heals the human body and opens us to higher states of awareness and consciousness.

Biologically, the water in each of our cells can be restructured through coherent sound frequencies, and the sine waves of certain sounds like drumming have the capacity to open neurons and memories inside the human brain. The sounds of our own voices can vibrate and soften the vagus nerve, de-armoring our traumas and the blocks inside our nervous systems. Music is medicine.


"LIGHT" Sound Healing Album

Borne of three years of plant diet and earth medicine transmissions in Peru and recorded in my childhood church in Alabama, 

LIGHT is a shamanic journey for your personal healing and soul connection. Each of these songs and mantras (sung in English and Shipibo,

an indigenous language of the Amazon), is a sacred transmission to awaken your Soul into its full power and true embodiment.

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"AWAKENING" Audio Book of Poems + Memoirs

Woven from the threads of my own journey to the True Self, "Awakening" is an hour-long audio journey that combines twelve of my poems 

written over the course of the last five years, alongside commentary and stories from the turning points in my life where the poems were birthed.

 "Awakening" is designed to take you on an auditory journey through the awakening process, give you guideposts 

for your place on the circular path, and remind you that you're not (and never are) alone.

To purchase, visit my online store, or listen to a preview below. 

Gifts for You

Songs of the Cave, Fall 2019

Live recording + photography of channelled earth + angelic song frequency, recorded in the belly of the Manitou Cave in North Alabama in October, 2019. A sacred site to the Cherokee nation,  this cave holds codes and memories of sacred humanity and sacred Earth. 

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