Plant Medicine


The Call of the Plants: A Beginner's Guide to Plant Medicine, Spirit Guides Magazine

Through this 60+ page beginner's guide to plant medicine, I share my personal journey to this powerful healing modality. Through my own story with shamanic plant medicines, herbal medicine + wise woman traditions and modern day medicines like essential oils, learn about how connecting to the spirits of our Mother Earth can help heal your body + reveal your soul's mission in this lifetime. Available as an e-book through my publisher, Spirit Guides Magazine.


Sacred Songs Tinctures, Flower Essences + Herbal Oils

Over the course of my travels around the world, I have gathered plants and gemstones from sacred spiritual lands. Each of these plants was lovingly harvested in Peru, Ireland, the American Southwest, California or the woods of Alabama. As a part of my training + study in herbal medicine, I have made many of them into incredibly potent herbal tinctures and oils for use in physical and energetic healing. Tinctures, flower essences and herbal oils vary based on the season, and are $22 plus shipping. All payments are made through Check below for current stock and availability.


Young Living Essential Oils

As a part of my personal healing + ceremonial work, Spirit calls me to use plant-based essential oils for diffusing, ingesting and energetic clearing. Young Living is a spiritually-aligned grower and provider of high-quality oils for every day medicinal and therapeutic use. I often recommend that clients works with them for daily spiritual and physical connection to the Plant Spirit Kingdom. If you'd like to learn more, please contact me via email at or get started by saving 24% with my wholesale account.