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It's Time to Demystify the Healing Process.

Over the course of my work with hundreds of human beings on this planet, I have found that most of us have completely lost touch with our inner healers-- the parts of our souls that know how to tend, heal, and regenerate broken parts of our bodies and consciousness. As a result, we have found ourselves dependent on systems of care that do little more than numb our wounds and provide very few true pathways to regeneration and health. 

Through ten years of watching the interplay between consciousness expansion and physical blockages in the body, between trauma and states of consciousness, I have come to understand that the body-mind-soul is one being. And that it is our work to learn how to navigate the doorways through it.

Demystifying Healing is an 8-week LIVE online group healing experience which will connect you to pathways to true healing, teach you tools to travel between states of awareness (somatic, emotional, ancestral, karmic and more) and deeply understand the human body, emotions, and consciousness. We will explore the ways in which you can increase your physical healing through the spiritual world and spiritual healing through the physical one. Demystifying Healing is a combination of community connection, direct teaching, experiential practices and reflection.

I am honored and excited to be able to connect deeper with people around the world to share the medicine that truly transforms human lives. We are re-calling our power and using our deepest pain in service of our greatest freedom.

I look forward to having you in this community of humans reclaiming the capacity to self-heal. 

The Details:

This 8-week LIVE online Group Healing Experience  will run again in the spring of 2020, from March 8 - May 3. Dates, times and cohorts have not yet been determined.

 The course is open to any persons, regardless of race, gender, orientation, age or religious or spiritual affiliation. 

 Each call will run between 90-120  minutes and include a combination of somatic-mindfulness practice, sound+journey work, community connection and direct teaching about the principles of healing the body-mind-soul. 

The nexus of the spiritual and somatic


Week One

rainbow sacred geometry

What Is Sickness and Disease?

We will explore pain, disease and trauma from a psycho-spiritual and somatically-focused shamanic perspective. How do the effects of compromised nervous systems open the doorway to ill health, emotional stagnation and spiritual apathy?

Week Two

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Feeling the Root of the Problem

Starting with the nervous system and the root energetic center, we will explore  trauma, Earth-disconnection and environmental toxicity, and the resulting physical expressions in the body. We will call on our ancestors and our souls to open us to feel the root of whatever problems we are facing.

Week Three

rainbow sacred geometry

Reclaiming Our Divine Creatorship

Moving to wounding in the sexual organs and their psycho-spiritual effects, we will explore our bodies and souls and creators, as well as the ways we can reclaim our relationship to the sacredness of all matter and our human role as channels for Life.

Week Four


Integrating Power, Worthiness and Sovereignty

As we move into the belly and the energetic center of will and power, we will  consider boundaries, and the neurological (consciousness)  impacts of constrictions in the digestive tract. We will reclaim our openness to new ideas, sensations, power and our animal instincts felt in the gut. 

Week Five


Opening to Our Interconnection

Delving into the heart and lungs,  we will look at the interplay between the emotional body and the physical one, especially the human relationship to grief, life and death. This part of the body allows us to access non-duality and interconnection and its critical for full human embodiment.

Week Six


Exploring Boundaries, Beliefs and Desires

As we move into the higher energetic centers of the body, we can begin to witness the ways we are expressing the energies in the lower bodies. Through an examination of the throat chakra, we will see all the ways our voices and words impact our health.

Week Seven


Seeing and Hearing What's True

This week, we will focus on seeing and hearing-- both through our physical bodies and our energetic ones. What are the ways in which our vision and listening are constricted through ancestral karma and contemporary consciousness grids?  And how can we learn to see and hear  ourselves and others more clearly?

Week Eight


Experiencing Wholeness: Self-Union

As we finish our work with the brain (and the "healed" nervous system), we  will explore the brain as the "crown" of the human body/mind/soul and the tools we can use to actually re-wire our perceptions of reality and the health of our bodies. When we are open to life, what so we experience about health?

After the Course


Walking the Path

As a member of the Demystifying Healing community, you will have access to a group of powerful change agents and self-healers who will continue to support and inspire your own journey. And for the first year after your cohort finishes you will receive 10% off individual healing sessions with Jane, as well as a lifetime of tools to support your own healing journey. 


The Call of the Plants

sacred medicine of a vine

When you register for Demystifying Healing, you will automatically receive The Call of the Plants: A Beginner's Guide to Plant Medicine. I wrote this 60+ guide to alternative healing through my own journey to healing, and as a primer for anyone interested in learning more about alternative medicine.


light coming through the heavens

As an additional gift from me, you will recieve a copy of LIGHT: my sound healing album carrying sacred codes and music to awaken the sovereignty, beauty and innate light living inside you-- the light that will ultimately heal you. These songs were birthed in my own healing process in the jungles and mountains of Peru.

Other Tools + Support

human heart inside an x-ray image

In addition to these two tools and our 8 90-minute LIVE Zoom calls, you will also recieve weekly handouts to guide your healing journey, audio-recorded meditations to support you as you activate  your inner healer,  a suggested reading list with my favorite books, articles, videos and a list of plant allies that deepen and expand upon our learning in the course. 

Who is this experience for?

Demystifying Healing IS for you if...

soul retrieval and bird rising from the ashes

  • You are deeply interested in psychological, spiritual and somatic tools and practices for healing the body and soul
  • You are curious about the interplay between your physical health, your emotions, your relationships and your choices
  • You are willing to examine the ways in which you carry personal, ancestral and collective trauma
  • You are open to alternative healing practices like somatic experiencing, shamanic journeying, sound medicine, plant medicine, earth medicine, inner child and shadow work
  • You are willing to embody a level of vulnerability to examine yourself in a container with a group of people
  • You are carrying unhealed trauma (consciously or subconsciously) and are willing to heal it in a group space
  • You are willing to consider your physical body as sacred and add a new, conscious relationship with it into your spiritual practice
  • You are open to learning and desire to upgrade and expand the way you see the human body-mind-soul in the context of your own healing or coaching work with your clients
  • You are able to commit to *most* of the live calls in order to maintain the container of the group experience (Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings)
  • You've desired to work with me for some time, but haven't yet been able to come to Peru or felt ready for 1:1 healing work
  • You are ready to seek new ways to heal yourself and our world and are willing to commit to new spiritual practices to do so

This Experience IS NOT for you if...

closed fist unwilling to heal

  • You are not yet ready to examine new ways of healing and feel committed to working completely inside western medicine as a pathway to healing
  • You aren't able to consider the interplay between emotions, thoughts, sensations and the complexities of the human consciousness and nervous system
  • You aren't yet willing to examine your own shadows inside a container with a group of other people
  • You aren't comfortable with alternative healing modalities like shamanic journeying, somatic experiencing and shadow and inner child work
  • You don't believe that you have any significant emotional, physical or spiritual healing to do
  • You aren't able to commit to being on *most* of the live calls for this container-- while there will be recorded replays available, it doesn't replace the community that is created when all persons are regularly present
  • This work feels too edgy for you right now (beyond the edges that you are willing to confront!)

The Doors to Demystifying Healing Have Closed for Fall 2019

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Words of Love

"A few weeks ago, I had the  opportunity to work with Jane, and as the weeks have passed, my perceptions have shifted subtly, yet profoundly. I am so grateful for her light-- she is a truly gifted woman. Years ago, I had seen an illness in my body as layers and layers of threads wrapped so tightly that they had hardened into a shiny rock in my belly. This weekend, I have felt that unravelling. It feels like a filament unspooling and there is a lightness in my body. This year is beginning with me knowing that everything is going to be okay."

- M.H.