It's Time to Demystify the Healing Process.

Over the course of my work with hundreds of human beings on this planet, I have found that most of us have completely lost touch with our inner healers-- the parts of our souls that know how to tend, heal, and regenerate broken parts of our bodies and consciousness. As a result, we have found ourselves dependent on systems of care that do little more than numb our wounds and provide very few true pathways to regeneration and health. 

Through ten years of watching the interplay between consciousness expansion and physical blockages in the body, between trauma and states of consciousness, I have come to understand that there the body-mind-soul is one being. And that it is our work to learn how to navigate the doorways through it.

This 8-week, LIVE online course will connect you to the ancient-future pathways to true healing, and teach you tools to travel between states of awareness, access vibrational healing through the Earth and sound, and deeply understand the human nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems and how they affect human well-being and consciousness. We will explore the ways in which you can increase your physical healing through the spiritual world and spiritual healing through the physical one.

This is the first online course I have ever offered-- and I am honored and excited to be able to connect deeper with awakening healers around the world to share the medicine that transforms human lives. 

More details about pricing and modules to come in May of 2019.




This 8-week LIVE online course will run in August and September of 2019, in two cohorts of 10 people each. Each call will run between 60-90 minutes and include a combination of somatic-mindfulness practice, sound+journey work, community connection and direct teaching about the principles of healing the body-mind-soul. Registration opens on June 17.

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