I am listening.

I am listening to the buried stories, to the inconvenient voices, to the nagging pain in our bodies. I am listening to conversations we keep having even though nothing seems to change. I am listening to the knowings that come through in starry nights and in the wind in the trees-- to a world beyond what my eyes can see. 

Hidden underneath your illness, bound inside the whispers of your heartache, shimmering inside the words and vibrations of your own voice, lies the true You. The You that is the seed of God inside a sacred human body-- the You that came to this world to live and find yourself fully expressed inside this mysterious and multidimensional human story.

And this is what I do. I help souls like You unbind themselves, unwind themselves, and take flight, becoming sacred emissaries of embodied human potential. I help you find your place in the web of all things. 

I came to this path because there was no other way for me.  And I arrived inside my body the same way You will arrive in yours--one heartache, one obstacle, one dream at a time.  On this Earth plane, I was born and raised in the Deep South and well-educated in fine schools. After years of feeling like all I wanted to do was die, I healed myself from what felt like endless portals of autoimmune disease, addiction and trauma. Alongside the generosity of the Spirit world, my teachers in the United States, Ireland and Peru, and the courage of my soul, I have been reborn into sacred embodiment. 

My work paints new realities by bringing souls fully alive inside bodies. I use tools of sound medicine, plant medicine, trauma resolution, soul retrieval, energetic grid work, neural pathway reconstruction, karmic/ancestral healing and body-consciousness expansion, alongside my own gifts of sight, sound, feeling and knowing to guide me. Our work together will always be unique and in resonance with your soul's needs at any given juncture.

Your soul is singing a song just for you. 


"A magical voice from heaven. Jane is an extraordinary healer and human."

Liz Bass, Costume Designer and Herbalist

Listen with me

My journey to healing