Jane Mayer healer

I am listening.

I am listening to the buried stories, to the inconvenient voices, to the nagging pain in our bodies. I am listening to conversations we keep having even though nothing seems to change. I am listening to the knowings that come through in starry nights and in the wind in the trees-- to a world beyond what my eyes can see. 

Hidden underneath your illness, bound inside the whispers of your heartache, shimmering inside the words and vibrations of your own voice, lies the true You -- the You that came to this world to live and find yourself fully expressed and free inside this mysterious and multidimensional human story.

And this is what I do. I help souls like You unbind themselves, unwind themselves, and take flight, becoming emissaries of embodied human potential. 

I draw on wisdom from and experience with the plant medicines, mountains and indigenous lineages of Peru (Shipibo + Q'ero), Celtic herbal medicine, the energetic lineages of Vajrayana Buddhism, the native North American medicine wheel and death rites, shamanic astrology, Jungian dream work,  and scientific studies of brain science, trauma, and somatic experiencing. All of my work is informed by my own 10-year path to self-healing from addiction and autoimmune disease. 

I work with Spirit to bring souls fully alive inside human  bodies. I use tools from all of the above lineages, alongside my own gifts of sight, sound, feeling and knowing to guide me. Our work together will always be unique and in resonance with your soul's needs at any given juncture.

Your soul is singing a song just for you.  Listen. 

"A magical voice from heaven. Jane is an extraordinary healer and human."

Liz Bass, Costume Designer and Herbalist

My journey to healing