I am listening.

I am listening to the stories that want to be buried, to the inconvenient voices, to the nagging pain in our bodies. I am listening to conversations we keep having even though nothing seems to change.  I am listening to the knowings that come through in starry nights and in the wind in the trees-- to a world beyond what my eyes can see.  


It wasn't always this way. Before I began deeply listening (perhaps like you), I was exhausted, disconnected, frustrated, overwhelmed, sick and in pain. But nine years ago, something began to change—I knew that I could not keep living the life I had built, and I knew I didn't want to die. I found myself at a precipice: I would have to awaken and evolve in order to survive.

This rhythmic evolution has arrived again and again— and in the process I have healed deep trauma, addiction, an eating disorder, auto-immune disease, grief and devastating heartbreak. I have truly died to the human woman I had planned to be. Perhaps like you, I have sobbed and screamed and begged for the pain to end. But through that process, I was reborn as a healer and messenger, here to serve souls in human bodies. I am here to help you listen, too, and remember just who you really are. 


My work is based on communication between the realms of the world we see and the ones we don’t. I work on behalf of the Spirits, The Great Mystery and your soul, all the beings of light who want you to thrive.   I offer modern-day healing services—everything from individual healing sessions to handcrafted plant + sound medicine to  retreats and ceremonies. I help people remember -- their health, their power, their sovereignty and their true nature. 

Your soul is crying out for you. Listen.

"A magical voice from heaven. Jane is an extraordinary healer and human."

Liz Bass, Costume Designer and Herbalist

Listen with me

My journey to healing