When we listen, we remember ourselves. When we remember, we are whole.

Indigenous cultures across our planet have held the secrets to health, happiness and well-being for thousands upon thousands of years.  Their commitment to the land, to the Great Mystery, to community, to prayer, to plant and sound medicine, and to seeing and transmuting the shadow by bringing it to the light, form the cornerstone of multi-dimensional healing practices

Through my travels to Peru, India, Thailand, Ireland, and across the Americas, I have received the profound gift of witnessing and apprenticing to this ancient way of being, one that has personally healed me, and through which I am humbled to offer healing to others. In conjunction with modern-day training in personal and organizational transformation, I listen deeply, and weave together the web of healing for each client, organization and circle.  My medicine includes a combination of ancestral assessment, examinations of the energetic body, sound healing, karmic contract work, releasing unprocessed trauma, creating healthy communities and offering spirit /plant/animal ally recommendations. 

Most of all, please know that this work is mysterious to the mind. My guides, your guides and the Mystery know how to heal you-- and the precise timelines and pathways which will serve your highest good. When we choose to heal, we surrender.  Please open your heart and soul to something bigger than you've ever imagined. Be willing to let go. And then we can begin.

Please know this: you are whole, holy and sovereign. There is a way of living you have never known, a love you have never felt, and a world you have never seen. If you're ready, let's listen. Together.  

Words of Love

"Where do I even begin?! This woman is absolutely incredible & carries powerful medicine. She’ll tell you that her guides bring it through her, but she’s the one who is listening to them, and that is magical. I had one session with her, & she untangled and cleared an issue that has caused serious health issues for me. I have so much gratitude for this woman & having had the privilege to work with her!" - Michelle Haerle


Individual Sessions


"Be humble for you are made of the Earth. Be noble for you are made of the stars."  

- Serbian proverb

  • Individual healing sessions focus on reconnecting you to your soul-- listening deep within to the source of original wholeness and using a myriad of clearing techniques to clear away belief systems, patterns of behavior, ancestral blocks and trauma which may lodge itself in the body, creating soul distress, emotional pain and physical disease. I may use any of the the following modalities to support your healing:       


  • metaphorical dream work
  • drum + sound journeying
  • multi-dimensional grid work
  • somatic trauma processing
  • soul retrieval + integration
  • herb + plant medicine
  • spirit, animal and plant ally work

Children Sessions


"We are called to make the earth a place where all children can thrive.” 

– Starhawk 

  • At this time in our collective evolution, many children are born with extreme sensitivity and gifts. Shamanic healing and support can greatly improve their experience of life. Their families can often benefit from the support of family clearing and healing as well. The techniques I use for healing are both gentle and effective for children of all ages.    


  • Because of my experience as a K-12 teacher, I have a particular fondness for working with children, whom I believe hold the keys to a world we all know is possible.                                          

Home Blessings + Clearings


"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again." 

- Joseph Campbell

  • Physical spaces contain the reverberations of experiences, emotions, past human inhabitants, and more. Oftentimes, these energies, which are outdated, no longer serving us, and even preventing our health and well-being, need to be cleaned, realigned and blessed in order to re-create our homes as sacred spaces for our souls and bodies.

  • House clearings and blessings are powerful ways to reset energy in our daily lives and create new containers for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Each session is custom-tailored to your home and needs. Please email me to schedule a session. 

Animal Spirit Ceremony


"Humans are amphibians - as spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time." - C. S. Lewis

  • The nature of the human existence as both spirit and animal. In the dimensional realms of healing, we each carry one or two animal spirits whose physical characteristics and spiritual gifts are the essence of our souls. We can reclaim and reconnect to them as we uncover our true, sovereign power in the modern world.

  • In Animal Spirit Ceremonies (in groups of 8), we use the sound of the drum to enter alternate realms, and commune with these animals, asking them to guide us, reuinite us with our power, and support us in navigating our lives in the human realm.              

Cacao Ceremony


"It is only through the heart you will be reborn." 

- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

  • In indigenous traditions, visionary and healing plants are ingested in ceremonial space as a tool for healing. Raw, unprocessed cacao is a powerful heart medicine and reconnects us to our heart wisdom. It is one of the most powerful plant medicines on Earth at this time, and I provide group ceremonial experiences  with cacao.    


  • In ceremony, participants can expect to experience communion with the plant spirit, meditation, space for deep listening, creative exploration, transcendent music and group processing, creating deeper connections to our bodies and our hearts.                                                                                    

Dream Medicine Sessions


"We have forgotten the age old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions."                                                                  - Carl Jung

  • Dreams are one of the most commonplace and easily accessible ways that Spirit speaks to us, and is powerful way of beginning to open to our own healing and to our soul's call. Working with dreams is a daily practice that you can undertake with guidance.

  • In Dream Medicine sessions (sessions via Skype), I work with you to give you tools you can use to access, invoke and interpret your dreams, as well as support you in understanding how this relates to your greater spiritual process. I have had profound and prophetic dreams since I was a young girl, and giving these dream gifts to others is one of my highest joys and honors.


Scheduling Sessions + Ceremonies

I am currently based in the Sacred Valley of Peru, with periodic travels back to Los Angeles, CA and Birmingham, AL, where I see clients in person. 


I currently have online sessions available, as well as openings for 

in-person sessions in Santa Monica, CA,  on Saturday, March 17

 as well as Tuesday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 19.

 Email me at to schedule a session. 


Individual Healing Session


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Individual healing sessions are available by home visit or Skype, and generally last 90 minutes. Follow-up 60 minute sessions available. Sliding scale available. To schedule a session, email


Cacao Ceremony


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Cacao ceremonies are a powerful way of connecting to plant medicine and include sound and energy healing. Upcoming dates posted here.   For more information or to schedule a group ceremony,  email


Child Healing Session (16-)


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Individual healing sessions are available by home visit or Skype, and generally last 60 minutes. Sliding scale available.  To schedule an initial session, click on the link above.


Laura Greenberg, Personal Coach and Healer

  • "Profoundly healing is one simple way to describe the skills and talents of Jane Mayer. She deeply embodies the essence of ceremony, sacred rituals and shamanic journeying. Her voice, musical offerings and healing hands literally helped heal a decade-long struggle I had with headaches. Just being in her presence uplifts my energy, thoughts and emotions. She carries the wisdom, knowledge and intellect of the sages from our current time and all the ages. I trust her with my heart and soul."  

Julia Shah, Business Developer

  •  "Jane - thank you for keeping the practice authentic and sharing the secret of shamans with modern business women like me. I have tried so many things to access that point of freedom and oneness. Nothing compares - to the cacao plant medicine.  The ceremony that you created harkens the healing power of ancient gatherings lost to most of us in modern life. Your circles activate my awareness and gratitude to be alive."