EMBODIED CREATOR: Co-ed Creative Retreat + Pilgrimage to the Scottish Highlands

May 23-30, 2020, we will travel to Scotland and into a deep portal to Divine Creatorship, possible to each of us as sovereign human beings. Through this retreat, which is co-created with incredible artists and healers Beverly Hynds and Max Friedstein, we will explore embodied artistry-- through movement, music, storytelling and art-- as a way to re-whole ourselves, and lead and serve the world around us in new ways. The retreat is 8 days, 7 nights, all-inclusive, and offers day excursions to Loch Ness, sacred stone circles, the Findhorn River and Bay, and horseback riding in the Highlands, along with an optional two-day  extension to Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat and the Rosslyn Chapel. 

To register and learn more, click here. 

Aly Miller, Health + Relationship Coach

"This retreat was so much more than I anticipated. It’s hard to know where to begin. It was absolutely life-changing, in a deeply profound way; and beyond the personal development that occurred, I loved learning about native cultures and healing modalities... and an introduction to the sacred ways people have been relating to plants, to mountains, to everything for thousands of years. I am so grateful."


Fearless Fest: Saturday, February 29


Join me on Saturday, February 29 at Fearless Fest. in Birmingham, AL, for an interactive workshop on the Spiral of Life, and the ways in which we can incorporate elemental, animal, plant, stone, and energy teachings into our experience of life here on Earth. Together in circle, we will explore the cycles (moon, season, day) of Earth, and learn how to identity where we are in the rhythms of human consciousness. This is a two-day wellness festival, and you are invited to join for a day- or weekend pass. Learn more and buy a ticket at

Shamanic Sound Journey: Every Second Wednesday


Join me at Pura Vida Healing Arts in Irondale, Alabama  for Earth-based shamanic sound journey, grounding meditation and circle suspended from silk cocoons. Through this sensory recalibration, we will listen to sounds from the Earth herself and recalibrate our nervous systems to match Earth frequency.   6:30pm-8pm, $30. Upcoming dates: January 8, March 11, April 8.

To join, visit the Pura Vida Healing Arts website or email

Herbal Medicine Magick: Saturday, April 25


Join me at my home in Cahaba Heights for an afternoon workshop of herbal medicine making, herbal body oils and flower baths. Across time, culture and space, women have made their own medicines: for birth, menstruation, immunity, connection, spiritual cleansing, grief, love and celebration.

This four-hour workshop includes basic teachings for medicine making, along with all supplies for making three different types of herbal medicine (tinctures, oils and flower baths). $100, limited to 8 people. 

Trust Your Inner Vision: Saturday, January 18


Join me and Ashley Graber, meditation and mindfulness teacher / therapist, in West Los Angeles, CA for a day retreat (12-5pm) in which we restore our relationship to our inner sight. Through experiences bridging shamanic healing and modern day brain science, we will journey into our souls to contact our inner vision, learn to trust it, and then translate vision into creation. This day retreat is limited to 14 people, and includes supplies, snacks and 4 hours of workshop/ceremony space. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. 

To be added to the wait list, please email


from Maria Luisa, Doula

"I’m speechless! What I’m feeling and thinking after the retreat is something so magical that is difficult to put into words. Perhaps is a combination of peacefulness and understanding that has me focused and present a lot more than I was before. I have a sense of self-love and surrendering to what is that I had not experience in a long time or ever. I’m deeply thankful for this retreat and the connection that has created for us with ourselves, others, our planet and our ancestors. The journey continues."

Sarah Petruno, Healer

"In the 5 years that I've been doing shamanic (and all types of) healing work, the clarity and deep clearing that I experienced on this trip were among most profound I've experienced to date. The space and the plant medicines allowed for very tightly held beliefs, patterns, and structures to be unearthed during the trip - ones that I didn't fully know were there and that I hadn't allowed myself to see until taking the time for myself and investing in myself in this way. Jane is incredible at holding the space for your own healing to occur."

Mary Brierre, Death Doula

"Jane. You held all of us so lovingly, and so well in all spaces-- even when you weren't around. You are everywhere. You are a beautiful representation of what this journey to enlightenment looks like. Your raw truth and humble heart healed so much within myself. I love you seems like such small words  to how I feel about you. Thank you, Jane. Thank you."