Step into the human story.

You are here, alive, to feel the Source of Creation inside your body.

You long to remember what it means to live an awake and purposeful life.

You desire to lead, create, and serve the world in a new way.

You seek to sense and reawaken your personal creativity.

You are here to write new stories about the human experience.

You are ready to fully embody your creative power.





(n).  a person who brings something into existence.

(n). one that creates; usually by bringing something new original into being.



7 nights in Eco-Luxury Accommodations in the Highlands of Scotland, at The Newbold Trust, including:

  • transportation to and from the estate to Inverness, UK, airport
  • 3 delicious, vegetarian meals per day prepared on site plus three afternoons of tea
  • daily morning yoga, optional body work, and  a full plant conservatory on the property
  • acres of sacred, spiritually tended land to walk on, be with, and learn from 
  • daily meditations through Newbold House staff  and an opportunity to participate in any other events happening there on the grounds


7 days of ceremonial workshops in movement, sound, storytelling and art to support your embodiment, as well as:

  • visit to Clava Cairns ancient stone circle to remember how to surrender to this part of Earth
  • a half-day excursion to Loch Ness and Urqhart Castle to explore myth and shadow
  • a half-day horseback riding excursion in the Scottish Highlands to remember the wild freedom of creation
  • an afternoon at the Findhorn River and Bay to remember how to let creations flow
  • upgraded and integrated perspectives on sovereignty, creatorship and the sacred muse for a more fully embodied human life


Optional 2-Day Extension to the city and lands outside Edinburgh, including:

  • transportation from Inverness to Edinburgh after the retreat ends
  • A hotel stay with facilitators for two nights (meals not included)
  • Guided excursions to Arthur's Seat above Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel outside of town
  • Walk through Edinburgh and evening dinner together 

  • This extension is still being created, and will likely run $300-350 per person, which includes a shared room. When you apply, please let us know that you are interested and we will keep you in the loop for details.

Newbold House + Trust / / / Forres, Scotland

We are honored to host Embodied Creator at the Newbold Trust and House just north of the Highlands of Scotland and less than an hour from the international Inverness airport. This house, built in 1893, is less than five miles from one of National Geographic's "12 Most Beautiful Coastlines in the World", and boasts a conservatory, art rooms, meditation rooms, and acres of gardens and Scots pine trees. It is tended by the community, and is one of the most special and sought after spiritual retreat centers in the British Isles. 



The retreat starts at 12pm on May 23, 2020 and ends around 9am on May 30. Our work and the home base for our travel is the Newbold House, a 24-bed Victorian estate outside of the small town of Forres in Northeast Scotland. You are required to have a valid US passport for six months prior to traveling to Scotland, so please take this into consideration when you apply to join us.

Transportation to the Retreat

We recommend that you arrive by 10am on Saturday, May 23, 2020 to the Inverness Airport, UK. We will gather as a group at, or after, 12pm. A bus will arrive to pick us up from the City Center and take us to the Newbold House in Forres, about an hour away. 

If you plan to join us for the extension to Edinburgh after the retreat, you may want to consider flying into Edinburgh and taking a train to Inverness (3.5 hours) so that your return ticket afterwards is from the same airport. Please feel free to be in contact with us for any questions.

Transportation from the Retreat

The retreat ends on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in the morning. We will have a shuttle that leaves at 9am, and drops off at the Inverness airport, and anyone joining us for the extension will travel in a separate bus onward through the mountains down to Edinburgh.


Jane Mayer is a healer and artist who has studied with indigenous healers in the mountains of Peru, the Amazon, and the forests of Ireland, alongside various lineages of devoted teachers in the Western world.

For many years,  Spirit called to her from a well of deep emotional and physical pain that begged her to find a way to reconnect to her True Self.  Her own pathway to healing informs all the work she offers.   She works with sound, plant, energy medicine and body-consciousness expansion, alongside her own gifts of sight, sound, feeling and knowing to guide her. She serves clients in corporations, schools, and in the private sector, helping them transmute pain and darkness into embodied soul, and to remember who they really are.

She offers healing sessions, ceremony, poetry and music in the States, as well as retreats here and abroad.  Born through many ancestral lines in the Scottish Highlands, she is deeply looking forward to going home again for the first time.

To learn more, visit


Beverly Hynds-Prior is a creator, elemental based medicine woman and cultivator of the sacred.  Drawing on the call of Source to come home to the ancient ways of her soul, she brings a majikal connection to her energetic healing work as well as tending to the sacred creation of the human journey.  

After feeling separate, lost, stifled by fear and paralyzed by the potential of her own creative energy as a film and theatre actor, storyteller, and writer, she began to weed through new pathways to unlock the mystery of the imaginative soul by releasing old thought patterns, ideologies and belief systems.  She allowed for the curiosity, discovery and playfulness of creating to flow with ease. 

Life began to flourish as she allowed her soul to surrender to the whispers of her spirit, connect to the song of humanity and the co-creation of existence.

Beverly offers sacred healing sessions where she tends to the energetic weeds of the soul offering more space to grow.  Space to plant that which has been calling to you.  Space to create the good stuff. You.  Learn more at


Max Friedstein is an intuitive healer, consultant, and movement artist. Coming from a background in professional dance in Chicago and New York City, Max’s journey took a turn inwards when he could no longer ignore the voice in his heart saying “This can’t be it!” Injuries to both of his knees was his first step in learning how to surrender to the higher vibrational energies waiting to guide, work, and manifest through him (and us all).

His work focuses on empowering individuals as they take responsibility of the creative force within them — as creators of reality. Using his knowledge of the body, astrology, and energy healing his enjoyment comes from assisting people in aligning with their authentic vibration so that they may live a sovereign, conscious, intuitive, and fully integrated life. He is most fascinated in connecting people to the rhythms of their soul. 

He has spent the last two years on a world-scale soul retrieval and was guided to Scotland in October of 2018, where he had the pleasure of working with and immersing himself in the Scottish land. He will never forget the creative power of this country’s elements and spirits.  He is overjoyed to be a part of this divine team of healers, artists, and light-workers working together to assist others in embodying their divine creator-selves.

Retreat Schedule

Saturday, May 23

Mid-day, we will gather in the Inverness, UK, city centre, and travel together by coach to the Clava Cairns Burial Mound, a well-preserved Bronze Age (4,000 years old!) burial mound outside Inverness (and featured in the TV series Outlander), where we will surrender our selves to this sacred land and begin to call in the energy of death, earth and spaciousness that will allow us to enter into the retreat. We will arrive at our retreat center, The Newbold House, settle into our rooms, the land, share dinner, and open sacred space for the week's retreat and our journey into the Celtic Medicine Wheel.

Sunday, May 24

Sunday, we will spend the day on the property at Newbold, walking the land, meeting the ancient Scots pines, and diving into what it means to be an embodied creator. We will open sacred space with the medicine wheel, learn about the history of the Celtic and Pictish people, as well as the history of the Highlands from local medicine keepers and historians, and enjoy three square meals, high tea, and one anothers' company.

Monday, May 25

On Monday, we will take the morning and head to Loch Ness and the Urqhart Castle, touching upon one of the greatest and most famous myths from the British Isles. In exploring this lake, land, and castle, we will dive into personal and cultural shadow myths and how they inform our experience of Self + Life on Earth. The day includes afternoon free time on our retreat property, tea and evening storytelling with the South and the Element of Fire.

Tuesday, May 26 + Wednesday, May 27

On these days, we will stay on grounds at the Newbold House, diving into the energies of the West and the North in the Celtic Medicine Wheel-- and the elements of Water + Earth. We will spend most of the day in creativity and sacred exploration, examining our allies, fears, and desires to create in our own lives. As we work with the water, we will journey out on an afternoon excursion to the Findhorn River and Bay, and as we work with Earth, we will dive deeply into the Scots Pines, stones, gardens and plants on the property at Newbold House. We will sing, move, paint and storytell together, enjoying meals, inner space and company.

Thursday, May 28

On this day, as we move through the East, birth and the element of Air, we will travel to the Highlands, where we will meet, commune with, and ride horses through the ancient mountains and valleys of northeast Scotland. Working with the wild freedom of the horses and sacred wind allows us to sense, commune with and navigate the creative life force, and how to work with and in service of Creation. This day will end with tea and dinner back at our retreat center, and reflections on what the horse kindred teach.

Friday, May 29

As we enter our last full day together, we will open the medicine wheel to the center of the circle-- to the True Self, the Soul, The Source of all Creation. By integrating the lessons, teachings and invitations of each element, ally (death, shadow, adventure, ancestors, and creation), we will begin to understand and embody the cycle of Creation itself and the way we can let it move more easily through our bodies. We will witness the transformations in ourselves and others, and gather together to tell new stories about Embodied Creatorship.

Saturday, May 30 (optional extension)

On our last morning together, we will close with breakfast and hugs, and one bus will take you back to the Inverness airport around 8:30am. If you plan to join us for the extension to Edinburgh, we will all join a second bus and head onward down into the Highlands. Midway through the drive, we will stop and hike for a couple of hours up into the Cairngorms National Park, making offerings to the stones and rivers, and to our ancestors and guides on the retreat. We will arrive in Edinburgh to check into the hotel before dinner, and head into the Edinburgh City Center for dinner + explorations (and possible magickal shoppes!)

Sunday, June 1 (optional extension)

On Sunday morning, we will wake up and head out to the Rosslyn Chapel outside Edinburgh. Famous for its connection to the Rosslyn Ley Lines, Mary Magadalene and the Holy Grail, Rosslyn Chapel is one of the most sacred religious sites in Scotland and home to an ancient Yew tree. We will spend several hours there in ceremonial space, and then head to Arthur's Seat, a legendary lookout over Edinburgh named for King Arthur. We'll finish the day with dinner + free time in town together. You'll have a hotel room this evening as part of the extension, and we will all head to the airport in Edinburgh early the next morning to fly home.



All housing for Embodied Creator is shared, and there is no option for a single room. Rooms will be no more than 4 people, and we will do our best to separate genders for comfort, as this is a co-ed retreat. Spouses and friends may request to share a room; in your application, please note the name of your requested roommate.


PAY IN FULL ($2,800*)

If you plan to pay up front for the full cost of the retreat, the investment for 8 days, 7 nights (shared accommodations), all ground transportation, meals, workshops and sacred space facilitated by three healer-artists is $2,800 through March 1 (*and $3,100 after).  This payment is non-refundable unless you or someone else can take your spot.



If you plan to pay for the retreat in installments, you're welcome to. After your application is accepted, you can secure your spot with a $950 deposit. Then, you can make payments of $1,000 on April 1 and May 15. All payments, once made, are non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your place. 

*If you sign up after March 1, the total price is $3,250, and the deposit becomes $1250.

Application + PayMENT

Apply Here

Before we can welcome you into this journey, we ask that you complete an application. This lets us know more about you, why this work calls to you, and what you might be looking for when you join.


Pay Here

Once you've been invited to join us (by rolling admission), please click this link to send in your payment.  You're also welcome to contact us if you need an alternative way to send payment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this retreat for?

Embodied Creator is for anyone, anywhere (of any gender, race, religion or career!) who is called to explore their relationship to their creativity. Part of our goal through this work is to collapse the separation between "art" and "the real world." We aim to help you embody your artistry as you lead a company, serve a school, or build community. Those who are especially interested in the sacredness of creativity, in embodiment and art as a spiritual practice, and who are called to the indigenous traditions of Scotland may be even more suited to this work, but it truly is for everyone ages 18- 108.

Why Scotland?

This is a story that will continue to fully open itself over time-- but the short answer is that it called to us. Almost 9 months ago, Jane had a dream of Loch Ness, of the energies and human shadows that have wound themselves into the mythology of this ancient lake in northern Scotland. As the retreat itself unfolded, all of us started to make connections to our own medicine, heritage, and history that is interwoven with Scotland.  This lake, as well as the energetic ley lines in the Earth, have called for witnessing and restoration. And we believe, especially as several of us have genetic ancestry in Scotland, that this is our work to do at this time.

Why a creativity-based retreat?

The deeper we go into the realms of healing, spiritual practices and shadow, the deeper we find all the ways that we have believed we are separate from Source, from Life, or from what some might call God. At the darkest parts of this separation, we find our medicine: the energy that will bring us back home to ourselves, to one another, and to Earth. For us, that medicine includes song, art, storytelling and movement. We have found it inextricable from our healing (whole-ing) journeys. And so, through this retreat, we tend the Creation that wants to live through you.

What if I am not a dancer or singer or artist?

Great-- you're welcome! What you may not realize is that you actually are- that's what it means to be a human. Whether you are skilled at any of these creative modalities is a matter of conditioning and practice, and not of ultimate capacity. Remembering our voices, hands, bodies and stories is part of the healing that we all need. The body-based practices on the retreat, especially the movement ones, are for ALL levels, truly. Come as you are.

Will there be spiritual + healing practices on this retreat?

Yes, this retreat will include prayer, meditation, sacred circle and mindful land connection. There will be ample space for your spiritual process -- and what you will find on this retreat is that creativity is spiritual energy expressed through your body. So you may find that your dance, your song and your art becomes as deep of a meditation or prayer as you have ever experienced before.

Will there be ancestral work on this retreat?

This retreat is, for most of the facilitators as well as maybe some of you, a journey home to lands we have known for lifetimes-- through our Soul and genetic families. In the retreat, we will learn about the Celtic and Pictish people, their indigenous spiritual and creative practices, and visit sacred waters and stone circles that carry the medicine of the ancestral humans of this land. These practices are intended to interweave with our creative work and you will find that it is all connected.

What can I expect to get out of this retreat?

You can expect, first and foremost, to 'get out' of this experience all that you put into it. Every prayer, book you read, dollar you invest, altar you set, in preparation for this reuniting with your Creator will be yours to keep. Inside the work we do together, we promise presence, witnessing, perspective, deep creative-spiritual workshops and embodied experiences. We hope that you leave interwoven with your Conscious Creator-- having experienced the power you carry to lead, serve, teach, create-- whatever your Soul came to offer our world.

I am interested in coming, but the cost is high. What should I do?

We have created this retreat to offer you a nourishing, comprehensive and fully-inclusive experience of Scotland, as well as an immersion into creativity and spirituality. We've mindfully gathered four different embodied facilitators to  guide you through this journey, and we have priced this experience to reflect the costs of those realities. Consider at this time whether this is something your Soul is calling you to, and consider investing in that call as a way to transform the way you are living your life on Earth. We get out of life what we invest into it, and that includes money. However, you know best whether an experience like this is what's in service of what you need in this part of your human journey. Listen to your body. 

We also know that sometimes we deeply desire to be a part of something, and our financial resources are scarce. We invite you to apply and to let us know this, and we can feel in together to what is possible.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Great! Please feel free to contact us at