There is a call to your Life.

A call to your light. A sacred song playing just for you-- of your wholeness and health and freedom.  

When we begin to listen to this call, to the whispers to our healing, to our embodiment and to our freedom, 

the world changes.  We can heal ourselves, our traumas, our diseases, our hopelessness and come ALIVE.

What is calling you?

Individual Healing Work


Together, we sit and listen to the deepest call of your soul-- whether it needs physical healing, spiritual expansion or karmic freedom. 

Retreats + Workshops


In sacred circle on sacred lands around the world, we gather in community to listen, feel and heal together as One.

Online Learning


Open to the portals of the school of the soul, as you remember what is means to be whole and healed.

Sound Medicine


There is a song that will guide you home. When words fail, and the mind cannot understand, the sacred language of sound will open the door. 

Writings from the Soul


My soul shares medicine through the vibrations of sound-- in song,  in conversation, and through sacred poetry and prose.